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We collect and manage the data that's hard to get.

We'll take care of managing your data so that your team can spend their time using the data to optimize performance, drive improvements, and increase profits.

We save your team time, resources, and money by:

  • Gathering data for Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s: energy, water, waste, and more.
  • Completing setup and maintenance for energy and water data in ENERGY STAR.
  • Providing a LEED-EBOM Module to track certified and registered buildings.
  • Preparing information necessary to be compliant with local and state ordinances.
  • Setting up facilities in the Sustainability Dashboard and populating them with historical information.
  • Updating and checking data accuracy to provide high-quality, timely reporting.

The Metrics You Can Track

  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Transportation
  • Water
  • Products
  • Human Resources

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to tracking performance metrics. That is why our program allows you to choose the metrics that make sense for your organization. Within each of the 6 main Key Performance Indicators, we have over 350 quantifiable metrics (and growing) that you can track, including costs and units consumed. As your sustainability initiatives grow, equally the different metrics tracked grow.

The Sustainability Dashboard

Sustainability Dashboard

The Sustainability Dashboard monitors six key performance indicators to help you track and report efficiency improvements to achieve your environmental goals and save money on operating costs. In one platform, you can easily benchmark performance by analyzing the cost and consumption data for energy, water, waste, and more. Our application allows you to compare your buildings by fund or building type and also review an individual facility – all while being accessible anywhere and anytime on any of your devices. Also, you're able to bring your entire team around this solution, because the Sustainability Dashboard allows unlimited users at no extra cost per month.

LEED for Existing Buildings Ongoing Tracking Program

Included in the Sustainability Dashboard is a section specifically for LEED certification for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (LEEB EB). This unique feature allows the team at the Sustainability Dashboard to provide the ongoing tracking necessary for a LEED EB-certified building.

The Sustainability Dashboard acts as a central repository for all LEED EB related documentation and performance tracking. Our reports provide direct feedback to your organization so your team can see if they are meeting the LEED performance metrics. We also offer data gathering and entering services so your team doesn't have to worry about maintaining accurate metrics each month. This program works great for the ongoing tracking on standalone facilities in the LEED Volume project. Request a demo and we'll reach out to you to set up a good time to show you our LEED EB features.

LEED-EB Performance Tracking

Data Download and Reporting

The Sustainability Dashboard allows you to export the aggregated and derived data for additional analysis in a broad range of formats. You can print your charts and corresponding data into PDF format and export your data to Microsoft® Excel to generate customized reports. Your data is transformed into actionable insight for continual improvement.

To gain additional insight on your portfolio’s performance, you can customize and download different types of reports that provide percent change comparisons, LEED performance reviews, and ENERGY STAR score analysis. Equally, you are able to see which facilities are meeting your organization's goals, as well as which facilities may need a little more attention.

Sustainability Dashboard Report With Targets
A1 Realty Report

ENERGY STAR Benchmarking and Ordinance Compliance

To be your complete data partner, Sustainability Dashboard offers comprehensive ENERGY STAR Integration assistance. Our service program will set up your buildings in the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and update the energy and water data on a monthly basis. Equally, your ENERGY STAR score is tracked in the Sustainability Dashboard so you can see your historical performance, as well as receive an energy performance rating for your entire portfolio.

This program will enable you to seamlessly maintain your buildings in the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, making your organization proactive rather than reactive when it comes to complying with energy efficiency and benchmarking legislature.

Seamless Integration With ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
Energy Star example