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Think of Us as Members of Your Sustainability Team
Allowing the rest of your team to use this data to optimize performance, drive improvements, and increase profits.

Transforming Data into Actionable, Meaningful Information

The Sustainability Dashboard provides a 3-Part Program:

  1. All-inclusive data gathering & entering service.
  2. Data analysis software, the Sustainability Dashboard.
  3. Performance benchmarking & reporting.

What Clients are Saying

"When you have limited time and what seems like endless data, the Sustainability Dashboard Team helps make sense of it all so we can actually use the information."
– Brenna Walraven, Sustainability Consultant for USAA Real Estate Company
"The Sustainability Dashboard provides timely, automatic & accurate data through a seamless interface between our companies, allowing us to make informed operating decisions."
– Steve Hill, Director of Manufacturing at Daymark Technologies
"Knowledge is power in the high-pace corporate real estate world and the Sustainability Dashboard transforms portfolio data into actionable knowledge."
– David Hewett, Real Estate & Facilities Industry Advisor and Speaker
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We Collect Your Data

Sustainability Dashboard Tools, Inc. uses proprietary software along with a team of dedicated specialists to ensure the timeliness & accuracy of your data. Even when you add meters, switch vendors, or make other changes, we get your data & that’s a promise!

There is only one thing worse than having no data – having incorrect data. We ensure your data is both accurate & precise by following a redundant system that incorporates data automation & our highly-trained data specialist. If you are publishing reports, accepting awards, filling out surveys, or presenting to investors, you should have 100% confidence in your numbers.

We can audit your data today to ensure its accuracy. REQUEST Audit

We Analyze Your Data

The Sustainability Dashboard was designed by sustainability professionals & built by software engineers to be an easy to use & reliable web application, creating a centralized platform to help you & your team

  • Identify performance outliers
  • Compare performance against targets
  • Calculate GHG emissions
  • Benchmark facilities
  • Engage employees & tenants
  • Improve building performance

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We Benchmark and Report on Your Data

We don’t just give you raw data; we run sophisticated analytics on your performance metrics & provide reports that are actionable. We also streamline your various sustainability reports & track data for:

  • CDP
  • CSR
  • GRI

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Are You Looking for a Data Management Partner?

If you provide consulting on sustainability, LEED, ENERGY STAR, or greenhouse gas calculations, we can private label the Sustainability Dashboard & operate our services as part of your team.

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